When I first got this assignment I already knew which blog I would use for it. Chicago Bulls Confidential is my favorite blog and has been for years. To be fair, it is the only blog I read, but I do enjoy reading it and do so daily.
bullsThis blog is about the Chicago Bulls and all news that has anything to do with the Chicago Bulls. Topics range from individual players recent play, the draft, off-season moves, season expectations, and much more. Being such a huge Bulls fan, it is very easy for me to enjoy every daily post. There are a few things about this blog that I really enjoy. The first is the content. As I mentioned, it all has to do with the Chicago Bulls, and every bit of the news is interesting to me. Even when times are slow for Bulls news, the author, Doug Thonus, usually comes up with an interesting thought provoking idea or scenario that gets me thinking about the future of the team. Another aspect of the blog that I like is the insight and opinion the author offers fir each topic. He is very knowledgeable about many basketball related topics, and usually brings a point of view I wouldn’t even have considered for the topic.

The only thing that I don’t particularly like about this blog is the way the author sometimes over dramatizes certain topics. This is never something that happens when the news if coming in often, but happens more when the news is slow. To me it just comes off as him trying to make his blog longer, or he doesn’t have more to say so he is trying to add some flair, and I’m way more interested in the facts or his opinion and could do without the drama part of it. That being said, a blog is kind’ve the place for that kind of writing so I really have nothing to be complaining about.

If anyone else reads this blog and likes it, he also comes out with pod-casts, usually weekly, that cover what he blogs about and a little more. I listen to it most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t seem appealing given what is going on or I just don’t have time. The podcast is called the Bulls Beat, so if you are a Bulls fan give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it!!


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