But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

It took me awhile to pick a blog to review because for me, many of them seemed boring or about something I didn’t care for. Then I found the blog spinsucks, and on this blog I found a post titled “Do Selfies Sell?” and immediately got mad, so I knew I had to do this post. It isn’t that I hate selfies, because I am guilty of taking some, it is that I hate what they have become. It seems like everywhere I look, people are taking selfies, to the point where it feels like selfies are more frequently taken than any other kind of picture. And through reading the blog I learned that roughly one third of all pictures taken by 18-24 years olds are selfies. After reading that I nearly gave up hope for humanity but reading on I discovered some benefits of selfies.
Selfies can be used to advertise. There are several “selfie strategies” that a company could use. Companies can do selfie contests, which could help grow its database for potential customers. Selfies of customers using the product would allow for other customers to see the product being used by all different ranges of people, and perhaps in new ways. This also can be used as a way to get feedback from the customer about the product, showing the company cares for and values the opinion of the consumer.
While reading this post certainly didn’t sway my view that selfies are a terrible, overused trend for teenage girls, it did offer me some insight as to how they can be used for a good reason. However, it really is sad that instead of taking pictures of meaningful relationships and memories, we are taking pictures of ourselves doing things of very little importance.


One thought on “But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

  1. commnurd

    Do you think “the selfie” is making us self centered? Do you think it is desensitizing us to issues of privacy? I just found out that “selfie” is in my autocorrect because I first typed “selfy.”



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