Ray Rice is Destroying the NFL’s PR

The whole Ray Rice topic has caused potentially the worst PR hit in the NFL’s history. For those of you who don’t know who Ray Rice is, he is a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, and happens to be one of the best in the league. In February it came out that he knocked out his then fiancée and a video showing him dragging her out of an elevator was all over the internet. For this, Rice got a 2 game ban from the league. Monday, TMZ released a new video showing Rice knocking his then fiancée out while on the elevator. He was immediately cut from the team and given an indefinite suspension from the NFL.
The NFL had done an extensive investigation into this matter, gave Rice the 2 game suspension, and then when the new video came out, claimed to have never seen it. That smells pretty fishy, and sure enough today (9/10/14) a report came out the NFL received this same video back in April and have a voicemail to prove it. Whatever happens in the next week or two, I don’t see it ending positively for the NFL’s image. The only question is just how much damage has it taken?
Below is the video that came out Monday. Warning, it is pretty graphic.


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