Top 10 Best Exercises

Public relations is all about image. Nothing creates a better image than being in great physical condition. Well from a PR perspective, that isn’t true, but being in shape does create a good self image and send a better image out to the public than being overweight and not taking care of yourself. While it would be impossible to pick the 10 best exercises because so many of them have different functions, this is my personal list of top 10 best exercises.

1. Squat – What else could I put at the top of my list? The squat is my favorite exercise and by itself it is a great workout, specifically for the quads, hammies, and glutes.

2. Planks – Everybody wants a 6 pack, and a plank is the best way to get there. By far my favorite core exercise, the longer you go the harder it gets. To make it even tougher, add some weight on your back.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press – My favorite upper body exercise. Similar to the more popular bench press, the biggest difference with this exercise is the increased range of motion.

4. Pull Up – A great exercise for the back and arms both. Simple as that.

5. Dumbbell Row – Great back exercise. You can build a lot of back strength with this lift, and simulates many real life activities, such as picking something up.

6. Dip – Great triceps exercise.

7. Hammer Curl – Great exercise for the biceps and the brachialis, a less commonly known muscle that contributes a lot to grip strength and holding onto things.
hammer curl

8. Vertical Jump – Go jump as high as you can as many times as you can in one minute. I guarantee you will be exhausted by 20 seconds and jumping no higher than 6 inches by the time the minute is up. Very good high intensity exercise.

9. Ball Slams – This exercise is very fun and can be a great stress reliever. Using a medicine ball, hold it directly over your head, use your abs to bend your body while slamming the ball into the ground. Feels great and if you do 10 really fast, you’ll be exhausted. Just watch out for the ball coming back and hitting you in the face. It is both painful and embarrassing.

10. Running – Any kind of running. Sprint, jog, anything in between. It’s all great and every speed has benefits. It can be a great stress reliever and also help get your mind off of something in a difficult time.


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