The Social Media Trap

Social media seems to have taken over the world. Everywhere you look, people are on their phones using social media. Celebrities and professional athletes get in trouble all the time for stuff they put up on social media. Sometimes it feels like people care more about what’s going on in the twitter world than what’s going on in the very city, or even room that they are in at the time. Personally, I don’t care to much for social media. I think it leads to a lot of drama, a lot of dumb pictures being taken and posted, and a lot people hurting their own image because they slip up and say something they would never say out loud or to the media. People tend to have much less of a filter when posting on Facebook or tweeting than if they were talking to somebody else. The other main reason I’m not a huge fan of social media is because of all the time it wastes. You get on for one thing and end up spending half an hour on it. All this negativity aside, I use social media daily in 2 forms, Facebook and Twitter.

I use Facebook at least once per day but no more than twice per day. I call Facebook the Facebook trap, because as I mentioned, I get on to check one notification and end up spending a big chunk of time scrolling through posts and pictures, a majority of which I could care less about. That is why I don’t let myself get on more than twice a day, because if I did, I would end up on Facebook all day.

I only got a twitter because in high school my girlfriend at the time wanted me to, and I didn’t care too much so I got it. I rarely used it, because I came to the realization that it is 95% drama, 5% information I care to know. I quit using twitter for almost a year and about 2 weeks ago I downloaded it again, but this time I got rid of almost every person that I follow and just followed fact type tweets. Now Twitter is the Twitter trap, because I get on and before I know it its been half an hour. However now that I follow different types of tweeters than I did before, it is very interesting and I have learned some cool facts.


One thought on “The Social Media Trap

  1. commnurd

    Happy to hear that you have found some relevant uses for social media, twitter in particular. Remember, it’s all about how you use it. We all have to be better at finding and filtering information.



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