Katy Perry on College Gameday


College Gameday is a very popular college football show shown every Saturday morning two hours before the opening kickoff. The show consists of analysts discussing the games and at the end they make predictions on the days games. This past weekend Katy Perry joined the College Gameday crew and she caused quite a ruckus.

She showed up right before the prediction portion of the show and made predictions with the hosts of the show. Not only did she do surprisingly well with her predictions (although her reasons were suspect) but she brought quite a few props to add some flair to the show.
Perhaps the most outrageous thing she did on the show was proclaim that she was in love with Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight, telling him to “call her” and use that as her basis for picking Oklahoma to beat TCU. Some say she jinxed Oklahoma, causing Trevor Knight to be thinking more about Katy  Perry than the game at hand, either way Oklahoma ended up winning the game.


Katy also brought a bunch of corn dogs to symbolize how Auburn was hungry to beat LSU…or something of that nature. She picked Notre Dame based on the gold helmets being stylish and “shiek”. She predicted Mississippi State would beat Texas A&M  because they were from Mississippi, just like Ole Miss (the team she was supporting). The big game on Gameday was Ole Miss vs Alabama. This was a big deal for Ole Miss,  because not only have they not started a season 5-0 in over 50 years, but they had never hosted College Gameday. Katy Perry had never been to a college football game, so the atmopshpere in this one was probably unreal. Having Gameday, Perry, and home field may be what pushed Ole Miss to beat Alabama. After the game the fans got crazy, taking the goalposts (one ended in front of a frathouse) and Katy Perry partied all night with the college kids. What a weekend for Ole Miss.  frathouse



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