Critique of Annabelle Movie Critique


I love scary movies. Prior to seeing Annabelle, one of my favorite scary movies was Th Conjuring, which was made by the same people who made Annabelle, so my expectations for Annabelle were pretty high. My girlfriend, also a huge fan of the horror genre, accompanied me on opening night and we both left the theater very impressed (and terrified) by the movie. Multiple times throughout the movie, we were grabbing each other in suspense and a general feeling that something bad was about to happen. Seeing enough scary movies like we have,  we know when things will happen and usually even how, but that is why Annabelle was so great; there were many unexpected scares and even the expected ones came in uniquely delivered ways. Basically, I thought this movie was great, maybe the scariest movie I have ever seen, which is why I was shocked to read the review by the Claudia Puig in the USA Today magazine. She rated it half a star out of 4, and bashed the movie at about every turn. Reading through the critique, I found that i agreed with none of what she said. None of it at all. A couple of the more disagreeable points she made were 1) scary doll movies don’t need a back story, people just know that the dolls are evil. I would argue that the back story is very important, because why would we just assume a doll is haunted? I won’t spoil it but the way the doll becomes haunted is pretty good part of the movie too. 2) Several plot threads go nowhere, and slowly. This is actually partially agree with, but only the part about it developing slowly. Even that I would say slow isn’t the right word, I would say it is more suspenseful and they just build the suspense in a more well thought out way. Overall, her critique is her opinion but the platform she has will reach many people and could definitely affect many people that were on the fence about seeing the film. My advice is go see it and see if you agree with me or her. Below is a preview for the movie.


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