I found an app called Zedge a few days ago because it looked like an app where I could get some free backgrounds. Even though I only use my own personal pictures for I had it, all I did was scroll through the various backgrounds available. They are endless for the most part, and there are many many categories that can be searched under, Auto & Vehicles, Holiday/Occasions, Sport, and quite a few more. After I messed around with that for a while, I explored to see what else I could do with this app. I found that it also offers notification sounds and ringtones. I checked the ringtones first, and I was impressed. The most recent ones were some Halloween songs, recently released music, and stuff from TV shows. For example, I downloaded Stewie from the show Family Guy repeatedly saying Mom Mom Mom and made it the ringtone for when my Mom calls me.

Beyond that I downloaded many of the other songs and various noises and applied them as the ringtones for friends and family. After I spent way too long on that, I moved on to notifications. They were pretty similar to the ringtones. The main difference is that they were much shorter. For example, the old spice whistle was on there, as well as the Hunger Games whistle. I got a few of those as well and applied them.

The best part about this app is that everything was free. No charge for any of the ringtones or notifications. I downloaded about thirty total sounds and even got a couple wallpapers. On iTunes that would have cost me quite a bit of money. The app was also very easy to use and navigate, and it was free to download. Overall, I would give this app a 10/10.


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