Blake Griffin Next Athlete to Fall

Blake Griffin has become the face of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise. He had built himself a relatively good reputation throughout his first few years in the league, but the past couple years he has started to become viewed as more a dirty player, and the latest news on Griffin isn’t good for his reputation. Griffin has been charged with one count of misdemeanor for an incident that occured in a Las Vegas nightclub in October. Griffin was there with teammates Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, both very famous NBA players that have clean reputations, when Griffin got into an altercation with a man, squeezing his hand and shoulder and slapping him in the face. Many people were taking pictures which angered Griffin, and he grabbed the mans phone.The Clippers have yet to comment but Griffins coach Doc Rivers commented, saying “I can’t say much, but I feel very confident things will work out.” You can read more details of the story on

Blake had a reputation as being a silly nice guy, as you can see in this footlocker commercial:

And is also known for his amazing dunks:

But has recently been seen as somewhat of a dirty player:

With everything that went on this summer with the Clippers, it is important that their star player keeps up a strong reputation. After the Donald Sterling fiasco, they need as much positive press as they can get to try and repair the damage Sterling did on the reputation of the franchise. Especially with the Clippers becoming THE team in Los Angeles (the Lakers suck now), being in such a major market that gets so much national attention, Blake needs to get his act together. Will this misdemeanor change his perception in the public eye? Maybe and maybe not, but it could be the start of a long list of offenses. It seems like every athlete starts with one and then more and more offenses start flooding in. For the sake of his team, the league, and his own reputation, Blake Griffin needs to stay out of trouble.


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