The Social Media Trap

Social media seems to have taken over the world. Everywhere you look, people are on their phones using social media. Celebrities and professional athletes get in trouble all the time for stuff they put up on social media. Sometimes it feels like people care more about what’s going on in the twitter world than what’s going on in the very city, or even room that they are in at the time. Personally, I don’t care to much for social media. I think it leads to a lot of drama, a lot of dumb pictures being taken and posted, and a lot people hurting their own image because they slip up and say something they would never say out loud or to the media. People tend to have much less of a filter when posting on Facebook or tweeting than if they were talking to somebody else. The other main reason I’m not a huge fan of social media is because of all the time it wastes. You get on for one thing and end up spending half an hour on it. All this negativity aside, I use social media daily in 2 forms, Facebook and Twitter.

I use Facebook at least once per day but no more than twice per day. I call Facebook the Facebook trap, because as I mentioned, I get on to check one notification and end up spending a big chunk of time scrolling through posts and pictures, a majority of which I could care less about. That is why I don’t let myself get on more than twice a day, because if I did, I would end up on Facebook all day.

I only got a twitter because in high school my girlfriend at the time wanted me to, and I didn’t care too much so I got it. I rarely used it, because I came to the realization that it is 95% drama, 5% information I care to know. I quit using twitter for almost a year and about 2 weeks ago I downloaded it again, but this time I got rid of almost every person that I follow and just followed fact type tweets. Now Twitter is the Twitter trap, because I get on and before I know it its been half an hour. However now that I follow different types of tweeters than I did before, it is very interesting and I have learned some cool facts.


Top 10 Best Exercises

Public relations is all about image. Nothing creates a better image than being in great physical condition. Well from a PR perspective, that isn’t true, but being in shape does create a good self image and send a better image out to the public than being overweight and not taking care of yourself. While it would be impossible to pick the 10 best exercises because so many of them have different functions, this is my personal list of top 10 best exercises.

1. Squat – What else could I put at the top of my list? The squat is my favorite exercise and by itself it is a great workout, specifically for the quads, hammies, and glutes.

2. Planks – Everybody wants a 6 pack, and a plank is the best way to get there. By far my favorite core exercise, the longer you go the harder it gets. To make it even tougher, add some weight on your back.

3. Dumbbell Bench Press – My favorite upper body exercise. Similar to the more popular bench press, the biggest difference with this exercise is the increased range of motion.

4. Pull Up – A great exercise for the back and arms both. Simple as that.

5. Dumbbell Row – Great back exercise. You can build a lot of back strength with this lift, and simulates many real life activities, such as picking something up.

6. Dip – Great triceps exercise.

7. Hammer Curl – Great exercise for the biceps and the brachialis, a less commonly known muscle that contributes a lot to grip strength and holding onto things.
hammer curl

8. Vertical Jump – Go jump as high as you can as many times as you can in one minute. I guarantee you will be exhausted by 20 seconds and jumping no higher than 6 inches by the time the minute is up. Very good high intensity exercise.

9. Ball Slams – This exercise is very fun and can be a great stress reliever. Using a medicine ball, hold it directly over your head, use your abs to bend your body while slamming the ball into the ground. Feels great and if you do 10 really fast, you’ll be exhausted. Just watch out for the ball coming back and hitting you in the face. It is both painful and embarrassing.

10. Running – Any kind of running. Sprint, jog, anything in between. It’s all great and every speed has benefits. It can be a great stress reliever and also help get your mind off of something in a difficult time.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

It took me awhile to pick a blog to review because for me, many of them seemed boring or about something I didn’t care for. Then I found the blog spinsucks, and on this blog I found a post titled “Do Selfies Sell?” and immediately got mad, so I knew I had to do this post. It isn’t that I hate selfies, because I am guilty of taking some, it is that I hate what they have become. It seems like everywhere I look, people are taking selfies, to the point where it feels like selfies are more frequently taken than any other kind of picture. And through reading the blog I learned that roughly one third of all pictures taken by 18-24 years olds are selfies. After reading that I nearly gave up hope for humanity but reading on I discovered some benefits of selfies.
Selfies can be used to advertise. There are several “selfie strategies” that a company could use. Companies can do selfie contests, which could help grow its database for potential customers. Selfies of customers using the product would allow for other customers to see the product being used by all different ranges of people, and perhaps in new ways. This also can be used as a way to get feedback from the customer about the product, showing the company cares for and values the opinion of the consumer.
While reading this post certainly didn’t sway my view that selfies are a terrible, overused trend for teenage girls, it did offer me some insight as to how they can be used for a good reason. However, it really is sad that instead of taking pictures of meaningful relationships and memories, we are taking pictures of ourselves doing things of very little importance.

Ray Rice is Destroying the NFL’s PR–police-sent-nfl-the-ray-rice-tape-in-april-211230052.html
The whole Ray Rice topic has caused potentially the worst PR hit in the NFL’s history. For those of you who don’t know who Ray Rice is, he is a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, and happens to be one of the best in the league. In February it came out that he knocked out his then fiancée and a video showing him dragging her out of an elevator was all over the internet. For this, Rice got a 2 game ban from the league. Monday, TMZ released a new video showing Rice knocking his then fiancée out while on the elevator. He was immediately cut from the team and given an indefinite suspension from the NFL.
The NFL had done an extensive investigation into this matter, gave Rice the 2 game suspension, and then when the new video came out, claimed to have never seen it. That smells pretty fishy, and sure enough today (9/10/14) a report came out the NFL received this same video back in April and have a voicemail to prove it. Whatever happens in the next week or two, I don’t see it ending positively for the NFL’s image. The only question is just how much damage has it taken?
Below is the video that came out Monday. Warning, it is pretty graphic.


1. New Technologies are Taking Over by Ben St. Cyr
I found your blog to be interesting because I had recently heard that Apple was coming out with a smart watch. I am personally not an Apple person but I hold nothing against them. My first reaction was similar to yours and I really couldn’t think of a possible use for one. However after reading your blog and the attached article, I have done a complete 180. Most of the time when I check my phone, it is because I feel it vibrate in my pocket and I am curious to know what it could be about, and how important it is. The process of reaching in my pocket, checking, and potentially having to unlock and check, is tedious and even more so when in class. Simply being able to glance at a watch to find out what notification it could be would be so much more convenient. Is that convenience worth $350? That is a completely different story.

When I first got this assignment I already knew which blog I would use for it. Chicago Bulls Confidential is my favorite blog and has been for years. To be fair, it is the only blog I read, but I do enjoy reading it and do so daily.
bullsThis blog is about the Chicago Bulls and all news that has anything to do with the Chicago Bulls. Topics range from individual players recent play, the draft, off-season moves, season expectations, and much more. Being such a huge Bulls fan, it is very easy for me to enjoy every daily post. There are a few things about this blog that I really enjoy. The first is the content. As I mentioned, it all has to do with the Chicago Bulls, and every bit of the news is interesting to me. Even when times are slow for Bulls news, the author, Doug Thonus, usually comes up with an interesting thought provoking idea or scenario that gets me thinking about the future of the team. Another aspect of the blog that I like is the insight and opinion the author offers fir each topic. He is very knowledgeable about many basketball related topics, and usually brings a point of view I wouldn’t even have considered for the topic.

The only thing that I don’t particularly like about this blog is the way the author sometimes over dramatizes certain topics. This is never something that happens when the news if coming in often, but happens more when the news is slow. To me it just comes off as him trying to make his blog longer, or he doesn’t have more to say so he is trying to add some flair, and I’m way more interested in the facts or his opinion and could do without the drama part of it. That being said, a blog is kind’ve the place for that kind of writing so I really have nothing to be complaining about.

If anyone else reads this blog and likes it, he also comes out with pod-casts, usually weekly, that cover what he blogs about and a little more. I listen to it most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t seem appealing given what is going on or I just don’t have time. The podcast is called the Bulls Beat, so if you are a Bulls fan give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it!!